• Ottermania LC Meet Results
  • Nanaimo Ebbtides Meet – November 25th
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  • James and Teresa Excellent Tri-ing Adventures
  • Long Course Records Added to Club Records

Ottermania LC Meet Results

Chris H., Justin T., Alan M. and I attended the meet. Everyone had great swims. The highlight of the meet turned out to be the relays. We had a total age of 24o years which made us the youngest possible age for the 240 to 249 freestyle and medley relays. It looked like we could be close to the record for the freestyle relay. To break the record, all we had to do was swim our best and we did! This was the first meet since 2020 that we had enough swimmers at any meet off the North Shore to enter a relay event. It would be great to see this trend continue. Three of our four swimmers at Ottermania did not participate in the North Shore Masters meet. Two were new swimmers.

Nanaimo Ebbtides Meet November 25th

The Nanaimo Swim Meet is scheduled to be a day trip from the Lower Mainland. You just take the ferry to Nanaimo from Horseshoe Bay at  8:25 am. The Ebbtides will pick you up at the ferry, if you need a ride, and get you to the warm ups before 10:30 am.  After the meet they host their now famous Chili Cookoff and deliver you back to the ferry to the Lower Mainland in time for the 6:05 pm ferry back to Horseshoe Bay. This is a fun meet that deserves our support. I am registered and ready to go. Looking forward to seeing you there. Maybe we can do some relay magic again!

North Shore Masters Swim Caps

The good news is the supply of North Shore Masters swim caps at $10 each is almost gone (4 left). The better news is that more caps are on order and will sell for only $10.50 each. They should be here in early December. Let Khosro or I know if you are interested.

Teresa and James Excellent Tri-ing Adventures

Pontevedra Start

Eight hours into the race Teresa passes the Castle in Ibiiza

When I heard that Teresa T. and James C. were going to be at the Pontevedra World Triathlon Championships in September, I asked them to give me the stories of their quests to get to the “worlds” and their experience there.

Teresa said that she had a “relatively busy season competing in 14 races around the world while qualifying for events next year. The actual volume of racing that Teresa undertakes year after year is truly impressive. Amazing season again Teresa!

James focused on the Pontevedra world championships in his note. He spoke of his efforts to become a better swimmer in the lead up to the championship. I was impressed with his effort to improve his swimming from 1:50 to 1:35 per hundred pace. Over his year of training I was a witness to his progress in the pool. Congratulations James!

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