• BC Open Water Championship – Sasamat Lake – June 14
  • BC Provincial Championship Meet Results
  • North Shore Masters Win League Trophy
  • Paige and Dan Climb Mount Killimanjera
  • Swim Caps – $10.50
  • 2024 Million Metre Challenge Update

BC Open Water Championship – Sasamat Lake – June 14

The BC Open Water Championship is being held at Sasamat Lake on June 14, 2024. The entry deadline is June 6.

Follow this link to get access to registration deadlines and Meet Packages. If you have not already registered with Swimming Canada for this year, please contact Khosro at [email protected] 

BC Provincial Championships Results

North Shore Masters had 14 swimmers who participated in the BC Provincials this year. Our best turnout of the year and much better than our absence from the provincials last year.

New Women’s Short Course Club Records:

  • Pam – 100 FR, 200 FR, 400 Fr, 800 FR
  • Pru  – 50 FR, 50, BK
  • Georgina – 50 FR (also BC Record)
  • Sa – 800 FR, 1500 FR
  • Catherine – 400 FR, 800 FR, 100 FL
  • Anne – 50 BK, 100 BK, 100 IM

New Men’s Short Course Club Records

  • Estaban – 100 FR, 200 FR, 400 FR, 50 FL
  • Justin – 100 FR, 100 IM, 200 FR
  • Tyler – 100 BK
  • Alex – 200 BK

A total of 24 new club records were set and one BC Record.

Here is the link to the North Shore Masters Records page.

North Shore Masters Win League Trophy

For the first time in the history of the MSABC League Trophy, North Shore Masters won the trophy for a team with 1 to 30 members. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this achievement!

Paige and Dan Climb Mount Killimanjera

On February 14 2024, Paige Larson (North Shore Masters swimmer and owner of North Shore Sports Medicine) and her partner Dan, reached the summit of Mount Killimanjera the world’s tallest free standing mountain (not part of any mountain range) and the tallest mountain in Africa. They topped off their expedition with a tour of Tanzania where they photographed an amazing collection of African wild life. Their trip is very well documented on Paige’s Facebook Page. Start looking between February 8 and 24 for all the details of their adventure. Congratulations Paige and Dan.

North Shore Masters Caps

We now have a good supply of North Shore Masters Swim Caps for $10.50 each. Let Khosro or I know if you are interested. I will work out the logistics of getting them to you.

Million Metre Challenge Update

The Million Metre Challenge is gradually loosing participants across Canada because no new participants can be added at this point. If you have been a participant in the past and are still swimming, you could help us catch the leader Point Claire by logging your metres.

Thanks to everyone for another great swimming season! It is amazing how time flies!