• Debbie Collingwood Swims the English Channel – July 18
  • Coho Swim Early Registration Deadline – August 15
  • SwimBowen Fundraiser Update
  • North Shore Masters Swim Meet

Debbie Swims the Channel – July 18

Debbie Collingwood, had the swim of her life on July 18, when she completed her epic swim across the English Channel from England to France. Today she is New York City where she plans to swim around Manhattan tomorrow. Click here to learn more about her journey and swimming adventures.


Coho Swim and Fundraiser – Saturday September 11 

Swimmers who register by August 15 will receive a discount and a special edition Coho Festival / Swim T-shirt.

Online registration is open until September 8 and on race day at higher prices.

Learn about the swim at

Here is the direct link to the Raceroster registration site –

During the registration process participants can opt to make a donation directly to the Coho Society or set up a donation site of their own. If you would like to support me, you can search for Mike Dowling at Donate to Participant

SwimBowen Fundraiser Update

Sandy Parkinson reported that it was a fantastic event. She didn’t win any prizes for swimming but she placed 2nd in  fundraising. “My supporters were incredibly generous.  In general, the fundraising was outstanding.”
“I also met some new open water swim buddies who will swim with me at Cates Park” she said.

North Shore Masters Swim Meet

The North Shore Masters Sprint Meet is set to go on Saturday October 15 from 2:30 to 7:30 PM.

Mark your calendars now! Swimmers and volunteers needed!

I tried open water fly! Thought I would die!