Hello Swimmers,

I hope that you are all well and enjoying limited but improving swimming opportunities.

Topics for discussion:

NVRCC Survey

Here is the link for North Vancouver Recreation & Culture’s latest survey regarding potential fall programs. It is your chance to let them know that you would like the pools to open asap, and to tell them what programs you would like to see resume (e.g. Lane swimming, Masters swimming, aquafit, etc.), and which days and times you would be willing to attend. The more programs people want to see, and the more times are selected, the better chance of pools reopening, so please complete the survey with all your selections, and share the link with your friends…https://nvrc.civilspace.io/en/projects/covid-19-fall-programs/engagements/covid-19-nvrc-fall-restart-survey/sections/
This information is posted on the North Shore Masters website at https://northshoremasters.ca/complete-nvrc-survey-to-express-your-wish-for-the-pools-to-open/

Pool Opening Advocacy
Here is an email that I received today concerning this question. It is said that the municipalities that have not opened are in the minority.

“From: Concerned Aquatic Users in BC
Date: 2020-07-15 14:43 (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Minority of Aquatic Facilities CHOOSING NOT to Open!
Dear Concerned Aquatic Users/User Groups,

We hope you enjoyed Summer so far! As of today, July 15th 2020, the majority of outdoor aquatic facilities have opened in BC (Municipalities of Princeton, Keremeos, Kamloops, Oliver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, Langley City (not Township of Langley), Vancouver, Port Moody, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, etc). Various Water Parks like Cultus Lake Big Splash, Vernon Splashdown, Bridal Falls, Kelowna have also opened to the public. Some indoor facilities have also opened (while some are limited) like the UBC Aquatic Centre, Saanich Commonwealth Place, Jewish Community Centre, etc. Various indoor aquatic facilities around Canada have re-opened.

In this newsletter, we would like to ask questions pertaining to two topics: Why the minority of municipalities that still have NOT re-opened and the operating rules pertaining to some facilities.

A minority of municipalities have not yet assigned a date to re-open or communicated to their taxpayers regarding their plans and taxpayer benefits. Various facilities around BC have started to open yet some facilities have deliberately chosen NOT to open even without direction to close by Dr Bonnie Henry or Local Health Authorities. These municipalities should be held accountable!

Municipalities should outline and provide a report to taxpayers and user groups as to how they handled the pandemic and why. Some municipalities have done a good job, while some have been very slow to adapt! It seems like these people are behind the times and are not being managed well. What is the leadership like in these slow reacting municipalities?

People have been laid off, children have been staying at home without physical activities, yet these Parks and Recreation Staff and Mayor & Council who taxpayers pay are still getting paid! Perhaps they should get pay cuts to help facilities open. Perhaps taxpayers should be refunded without the operation of aquatic (and other community) facilities. Taxpayers and citizens should be concerned about this! If facilities need to operate at a further loss for the wellbeing of the community so be it!

Some municipalities use legal wording to argue against the re-opening of facilities. We wonder if these municipalities are saying that municipalities that have re-opened did so in the wrong (illegal) manner and without due diligence? There is talk about insurance concerns. Some people in the community are concerned about re-opening and the time is not right. We wonder where the expert’s opinion of this is?

Municipalities that have not opened are behind the curve. These municipalities (this seems to be in collusion) have not considered the best interest of pubic users and user groups. The Parks & Recreation Managers have been meeting for months about how to re-open yet some have re-opened and others seem to be more concerned about their budgets than the wellbeing of the community. Even more, these municipalities make decisions unilaterally and do not consult the public and user groups.

Aquatic facilities bring about multiple physical and mental benefits to its participants. Children also learn basic water safety and swimming in local pools. Users gain positive benefits like mental and physical stimulation and wellbeing. This is beneficial especially during the local vacations that families take in lakes and open water areas. Some municipalities (like the City of Vancouver) have imposed a rule pertaining to the age of users. Why is this the case? You can have a 10-18 year old swimmer who is much more competent than a 19 years and older swimmer! Limiting ages for lap swimming is clearly a discriminatory rule against the youth! Have adults been barred from entering pools at a certain times? If not, why not? Is there a legal standing for discrimination? We need lawyers out there to pursue this for concerned aquatic users.

These municipalities who choose not to collaborate and should be held accountable! In the next Municipal election perhaps ask your local Mayor & Council how they helped the community get back to sport! Those people who are not comfortable with re-opening should remain at home and not use these facilities! These people only think of themselves and not for the society! We wonder if these same people go out and shop, go for haircuts, walk in public, etc.

Local newspapers are not reporting why various municipalities still do not re-open while others are open. We ask the papers to talk to local user groups, public patrons and ask the question. Municipalities are operating with no accountability. Why not uncover the truth and have municipalities open for the betterment of the community and not stay closed to save money! Health is more important than money!

We ask all municipalities to be transparent, re-open safety, and respond to users and taxpayers! Get re-opened!

Concerned Aquatic Users in BC”

Ever try to fly in a wetsuit? Not fun after four months off!
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