North Shore Masters Update – 10 January 2021

Happy New Year Swimmers Topics for discussion: Public Thank You to Rec Commission for Covid Efforts Masks Registration Withdrawals Swimming Parkas Swim Caps Pool Schedules Events Thank You to Rec Commission and Civic Leaders for Covid-19 Efforts During a recent lane swim a number of swimmers suggested that we should individually thank the Rec Commission […]

Swimmer encounters orcas in Batchelor Bay

An open water swimmer had a close encounter  with a pod of orcas last Sunday (Aug 09) while swimming at Batchelor Bay in West Vancouver. This article from the North Shore News includes video…..

NSM Update 19-July-2020

Hello Swimmers, I hope that you are all well and enjoying limited but improving swimming opportunities. Topics for discussion: NVRCC input requested in survey Pool Opening Advocacy Politician and Recreation Administrator Contacts to contact with your thoughts NVRCC Survey Here is the link for North Vancouver Recreation & Culture’s latest survey regarding potential fall programs. It is your […]

World Masters Championships Highlights

If you ask Khosro, he will tell you that he is doing well but has time on his hands. Here is a video that he found of 2019 Gwangju World Masters Championships featuring two North Shore Masters swimmers (Salvador Huerta and Alan Morris) putting in winning performances. It is as impressive as any World Championship […]

Pool Opening

There are no definite plans for opening pools anytime soon but Rec Centres and Pool. Rec Commissions and Users are thinking about it. Ideas are flowing. Outdoor pools are likely to open first. Unorganized and potentially some organized open water opportunities are available. Cooperation and patience will be required while we move to the new […]