• 531 days since Pandemic closed North Shore Pools
  • New Masters and Lane Swimming Schedules
  •  Virtual Coho Swim
  • North Shore Masters Sprint Meet
  • Harry Jerome Closure Petition

North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Public Lane Swims (New)

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Virtual COHO Swim – Registration Open

Registration is open but the actual details on how it will work are evolving. I registered today for the distance challenge but am not sure what I signed up for yet.

North Shore Masters Swim Meet Saturday October 16 – 2:30 pm to 7pm at Harry Jerome

This is a reminder that the North Shore Masters meet will be on Saturday Oct 16th warm up at 2:00pm and Race finish time will be done by 7pm. Fees to charge per swimmer 35.00 included GST.

Harry Jerome Closure Petition

Vivian Cheng, a City of North Vancouver resident and longtime Harry Jerome user, has been trying to find ways to encourage the City to keep Harry Jerome open after December 2021. She is developing a petition and is looking for support in this quest. More to come shortly.

Open Water Swimming at Batchelor Bay and Cates Park

Contact Sandy Parkinson for Cates Park or Marty McLaren for Batchelor Bay details. Or you can join the NorthShore OpenWater Swim WhatsApp group for up to the minute information on Open Water and other swimming topics. Swimmers are looking forward to swimming through the winter again.

2021 Million Metre Challenge

North Shore Masters are still leading all of Canada! We have already logged over 1.6 million metres compared to .97 million for all of last year. Pointe Claire has gained considerable ground over the summer.

Let’s Fly Baby!